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NEM Ventures – New Proposal for Investment

NEM Ventures is accepting new proposals from companies/projects that are building on the NEM platform or of benefit to the NEM/XEM ecosystem.

We are seeking well planned and commercially viable opportunities that both add value to the NEM eco-system and have a potential for a positive commercial return on investment.

To submit a proposal we require the following as minimum information, any proposals that cannot meet this will not be considered.

To be submitted along with this form:

  • A signed NDA – template is available here
  • Pitch Deck – a guide is available here

To be provided once you receive a signed NDA back from NEM Ventures

  • Business Plan
  • Financial Forecasts (Revenue/Cost projections, Cash Flow forecast)

Note – we will review white papers if submitted but will not invest based on a white paper alone, our due diligence requires appropriate commercial planning has occurred and the above documents demonstrate this.

We have produced a review questionnaire template from assessing several proposals, these questions come up regularly in reviews. Feel free to use this template and submit or review against your Business Plan etc and ensure they are addressed. If neither apply, you will be sent this form to complete before assessment commences.

You may find this article useful if the above items of information don’t make sense, it provides a no nonsense breakdown of the thought process to follow when preparing to seek investment.